The Roster

Tuning-in to the ‘Growth Mhz’ frequency like a boss

Neither any member of Aquarius’ workforce nor anyone from its reputed clientele leaves (or at least wishes to leave) this Private Limited Company once they set foot here.

One could say it is merely a stroke of luck, but the secret…behind…is….ummm…..umm……ok….if you insist…here we go, “actually, the clientele are fond of the passion and enthusiasm of the Aqua-personnel and Aquarius’ fellows absorb waves of inspiration from the trustful aura surrounding the corporate companions.”

While you go through our client directory and medal tally, you might realize that we are subtly selfish as this Clientele-Aquarius Loop is a spellbinding paradox and a symbol of infinity- a horizontal ‘8’ with no endpoint.

So, just savour the present-day and don’t ponder over what came first bird or egg question. Let the puzzle of our Humble Confidence be left unsolved.



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