Just ‘Buzz the Bell’ for limitless possibilities

Aquarius is a multidisciplinary fully integrated advertising agency. Beginning its journey in 2002, the early bird of MP’s corporate media industry, Aquarius soon became a trailblazer of modern marketing in Central India. INS accreditation, a vast array of prestigious awards, a prodigious catalogue of past works, up-to-the-minute equipment and software, and a chivalrous outlook make it a port of call while a brand’s journey to the resplendent destiny.

Following the leading light of Aquarius Managing Director & Founder Mr. Avinash Sharmaa, an eminent advertising pundit and expert copywriter and visualizer who puts down the book and pens down his imagination only in big battles, Aquarius Promotions Private Limited has now been regarded as unique as a blue diamond amongst the advertising firms of the whole country.

The agency skilfully plays the role of an all-rounder for the associates with dynamic services, viz.:

Creative Branding

We create designs with depth. Designing is a scientific art, that involves more than the basic arrangement of different elements in a layout. Every handpicked colour from the spectrum, every tiny corner & curve of a font, every position and size of every component in a creation, effect conscious and subconscious emotions. No, we ain’t teaching the nuances of branding, we are just saying that if you want your brand to be in good health, never think of writing the prescription yourself.
Always Trust the Brand Health Expert!

Target-based Advertising

Over the last 16 years, Aquarius has carried out numerous top-quality mass communication duties, with especial expertise in advertising, for the corporate giants to prestigious government organizations. Either it’s the Umbrella Campaigns reaching to the finest fabric of social structure or the need-based Solo Advertisements, we make an equal effort to generate bulk sell through our creativity, because that’s what a rightly done advertising accomplishes.

We ensure to cater for every need and care for every necessity of the clients to affirm their solid presence on every medium. You may see a vivid bouquet of our Event Works, Radio Spots and Audio-Visual Productions in the Portfolio Shelf.

Media Planning & Media Buying Services

At Aquarius, a teeter-totter is always being ridden with the ‘Creative’ and the ‘Client Servicing’ departments on either side. But, it’s the management of Aquarius that decides the side that should be up depending on the specific needs of our patrons.

Aquarius Promotions has confirmed itself to be an avant-garde media planning and media buying agency by executing and floating innovative solutions and smartly budgeted campaigns for its clients through contemporary media like television, radio, print, outdoor, guerrilla, merchandise etc. and also through the newfangled and ultra-ranged digital medium.

Digital Media and Web Development Atelier

After formulating strategies of conventional promotions for a whole decade, we had foreseen the future and benefits of digital media. The result is our techno-equipped Digi-Web Lab.

These days every super-successful campaign has the share of digital marketing in it. From the basic exercises like WhatsApp marketing, Email marketing, Viral Content generation etc. to the meticulously crafted campaigns for popular social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we relish each and every attribute of this new-age medium. Website designing, SEO-based promotion, and regular content synchronization are the other perks you get from us. So, stop sharing the fake, cell phone-made posts and try something mindfully formulated holding the hand with Aquarius.