ABOUT US - Top Print Media Advertsing Agency

Aquarius Promotions is a leading INS Accredited advertising agency with a strong presence in Central India. The defining ethos for Aquarius Promotions is the firm belief in the value of brands and the important role they play in consumers' lives and it has consistently deployed effective print media advertising and other marketing tools to achieve its objectives.

Outlined priorities include…

  • Overcoming barriers to productive advertising
  • Stimulating desired growth
  • Formulation of long-term communication strategies

As an agency that believes in adopting a 360-degree approach for its clients Aquarius Promotions has made a name for itself as a print media advertising agency, a credible outdoor ad agency and as well as a qualified market research agency among others. And in the process, we have always helped our clients in making the most of emerging new media tools and contemporary advertising trends.

Market Research Agency

Aquarius is a group of professionals having proven and tested expertise in brand building as a solid Market Research Agency covering a wide array of industries; Viz. Real Estate, FMCG, Durables, Telecommunications, Retailing and Financial Services.


The Aquarius Promotions difference includes not just conceptualization and strategizing, but even execution, monitoring and evaluation. Aquarius believes in going to the core of a product, followed up with thought provoking brainstorming sessions and finally executing ideas with panache. Our philosophy is to create innovative as well as market savvy brands that would carve a significant niche for themselves in the market through the most creative and well-executed advertising ideas.


To know more about Aquarius as a advertising agency in India and an outdoor ad agency browse its range of services that span media buying, media planning and web solutions provider..